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Four Moms Thursday- In Which We Answer A Question

Welcome to FOUR MOMS THURSDAY!!  Each week we four moms of umptybillion children, give or take a few, share our foibles, expertise, horrible warnings, bad examples, encouragement, laughs and tears and YOU, Gentle Reader, get to peek into the insanity.  We hope you also get to glean something helpful!This week is our Q and A […]

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Crackled Glass

At Strider’s and the HG’s rehearsal dinner, his mother made incredibly beautiful center pieces with bowls of crackled glass, coffee beans, and candles surrounded by fall foliage. I was so taken by the look of the crackled glass that I immediately started keeping my eyes open at thrift shops (HA- did you think I’d go […]

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Thinking Outside the Bowl

The Dread Pirate Grasshopper, a helpful child, feeds the Zeus Dog. He did it all last winter under supervision, and has in the last couple weeks taken it upon himself to stop by the empty dog food bowl twice a day and fill it up himself. Without supervision it takes him three times as long […]

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Frugal Lessons Learned On the Way

4. Being frugal need not be grim. Learn to have fun without spending money.  Have a race.  Jump rope.  Play hop scotch.  Find a hill and slide down it on cardboard boxes (wax them by rubbing with the side of a candle for even more speed).  Skip.  Play Mother May I, Red Light, Green Light, […]

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Cinnamon Chocolate Torte

Pssst. Over here. It’s amazing!

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