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Menu Week of February 28th

Menus: Breakfasts– crockpot grain cereal– I’ve perfected it, added yogurt for those who soak their grains, and figured out a trick that allows me to start it early without overcooking it.OmelettesStrawberry and spinach smoothiesHome-made biscuit mix LunchesTuna sandwiches on Croissant rolls (the girls bought tuna and made tuna salad, croissant rolls were on a two […]

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New Zealand Fund Raiser

Curriculum Click is offering a deal on downloads which benefits the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake relief fund. For 20.00 you get a collection of programs that would ordinarily cost you over two hundred dollars. To see which authors have donated their products to this special Curr Click benefit package click the following link:

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The Rule of St. Benedict for the Home

To those who seek to establish, re-establish, or improve an already established, home: L I S T E N carefully, my child,to your master’s precepts,and incline the ear of your heart (Prov. 4:20).Receive willingly and carry out effectivelyyour loving father’s advice,that by the labor of obedienceyou may return to Himfrom whom you had departed by […]

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Koch Brothers

If you’re like me, you probably either haven’t heard of them, or only heard of them recently.  They seem to be the left’s new boogie men. What the left seems to have missed is that the Koch Brothers donated 20 million dollars to support a legal fight against George Bush’s Patriot Act. And that’s not […]

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Not At Ease with Judgments of Quality

Narcissus Regards a Book: Now the kids who were kids when the Western canon went on trial and received summary justice are working the levers of culture. They are the editors and the reviewers and the arts writers and the ones who interview the novelists and the poets (to the degree that anyone interviews the […]

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