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Federal Judge Tosses Out Obama Care

Because it IS unconstitutional.  Of course, this means little until it reaches the Supreme, and, as Ace puts it, Justice Kennedy flips his magic coin. In fact, why don’t you just head on over to Ace’s place and read more. update: Hardy, har, har in the ruling: It is difficult to imagine that a nation […]

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February’s Schedule for Four Moms

This February, the Four Moms are talking about these topics: February 3 – Teaching Reading February 10 – Kids in the kitchen February 17 – Spending individual time with your children February 24 – Q & A So if there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover in any of those topics, now would be […]

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Vaccines and Aluminum

The Striderling continues to grow and prosper. He’s got an appointment with somebody who deals in thoracic issues this week as well as a well baby check up where immunizations will be discussed. An interesting tidbit is that babies with kidney issues, which are connected with the Striderling’s syndrome, should not be injected with aluminum […]

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Free Audio Books

Having scored quite a few new swagbucks, which of COURSE means Amazon gift certificates, I was looking for something new to download to the iPod for us to listen to in the van on the way to church. I especially wanted something fun for the little boys. One of our favorite resources for Bible stories […]

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Sunday Hymn Post

Receive, O Lord, in Heaven aboveOur prayers and supplications pure;Give us a heart all full of loveAnd steady courage to endure.Thy holy name our mouths confess,Our tongues are harps to praise Thy grace;Forgive our sins and wickedness,Who in this vigil seek Thy face.Let not our song become a sigh,A wail of anguish and despair;In lovingkindness, […]

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