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Striderling’s Agenda

1. He must gain weight again (he lost weight yesterday and is back on fortifiers being added to mom’s milk)2. He must pass a car seat test, generally required for all babies going home on oxygen and, in some cases, for all preemies, which the Striderling isn’t. So far, we’re still looking at Monday as […]

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Chores for Children, part two

The Dread Pirate Grasshopper is just fifteen months old, and he has already started helping out with chores around his house.  Some time ago his Daddy had him help to feed the dog- he would help scoop out a measuring cup full of dog food, and then pour it into the bowl. On his own, […]

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Four Moms On Children And Chores

We Four Moms are discussing children and chores this week. You won’t want to miss what theĀ other Four Moms have to say: Connie, at Smockity FrocksĀ reminds us that hard work is a privilege, and you should never expect what you don’t inspect (I have loved that phrase since first learning it from friend Coffee mama) […]

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The Little Striderling….

He has put on weight on just Mama’s milk!He has kept his feeds down- albeit with some extra care and attention from Mama during the day, attention she does not think the night nurses will have time to give him, but we’re praying he does okay through the night.He passed the sleep test.His parents passed […]

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I could have told them that

According to the online Montessori Catalog Michael Olaf: A recent NYTimes article (March 3, 2009) tells us “In a Helpless Baby, the Roots of Our Social Glue” the author tells us that “Anthropologists have made the startling discovery that . . . among traditional cultures without television or Internet access, a baby is the best […]

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