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Must Read

this post, by my dear friend Mama Squirrel. We don’t even celebrate Advent, or Christmas as a religious holiday, but this is something that has often bothered me about some aspects of Christmas in our culture. It’s all about the pretty story, the charming and sweet baby in the manger, and that is such an […]

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I have a very fragile equilibrium thing going on. In the zone of that equilibrium when everything is copacetic, I know that every second with the little Striderling is an unexpected gift, a blessing, a benediction. Undeserved grace. Here are a few of the things that I have discovered can knock that fragile equilibrium off […]

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Sunday Hymn Post

At all times praise the Lord;His promises are sure;What if thou doubt? His steadfast WordUnchanging shall endure.Praise Him when skies are bright,And gladness fills thy days;Heav’n shames thee with its glorious light,And calls thee to His praise. Praise Him when clouds are dark;True faith waits not to prove;Tho’ hope no bright’ning gleam may mark,His meaning […]

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Today was a good day

Today I got to hold the Little Striderling and watch his mama feed him, and work on his physical therapy. And when I came home from holding the Little Striderling, I discovered the following on waxed paper cover trays on my kitchen counter: My son, some other boys, and an older (as in, 20 or […]

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diagnosis and update

The doctor says the new grandbaby has a mild case of Jeune’s syndrome. Now, Jeune’s is a very serious disease, so this is not like saying he has a mild case of the measles. But it is better than a typical form of Jeune’s syndrome. Essentially, his rib cage is bell shaped, and too narrow […]

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