Evil, Fiction, and Not So Heavenly Heroes

Sorry, folks, somehow I did leave out the link. Thanks to Lucille, I didn’t even have to go hunt it up. The article is by John C. Wright

This is hilarious, and mostly right on target. And I’m not even Catholic.

In a well told story:

the drama centers around not whether the White Hats will smear the Black Hats, but around whether the main character (Adam & Eve in the case of Milton, Mark & Jane Studdock in the case of Lewis) will end up on the winning team or will be pulled by temptation over to the Dark Side and over the edge of the abyss. (And I do not mean any wimpy, namby-pampy pseudo-Taoist Dark Side produced by a galactic energy field of mitochloridians: I mean the wretched and magnificent Prince of the Fallen Angels.)

Modern stories are more likely to follow this story line:

But if you want to have your hero, or, better yet, your svelte and leather-clad yet Navy SEAL-trained Ninja heroine, to go a dozen rounds with the bad guy in Chapter Five and have the Boss Battle in Chapter Twenty, fighting fist to fist, knife to knife and kusarigama to batarang in a knock-down drag-out donnybrook atop a burning skyscraper beneath the tornado formed by two colliding supersonic hurricanes during a volcano-triggering super-earthquake caused by the two halves of the shattered moon descending from their orbit toward the Earth, well, then by Jove, you cannot have your plucky yet sensuous heroine merely hold up a folding yardstick in the shape of a cross and make Lord Dracula the Impaler scream and vanish.

And, of course, there’s this vitally important aspect of

the modern conventions of story-telling (which include, for better or worse, the trope that girls who look like lingerie models are better hand-to-hand fighters than guys build like linebackers).

That made me laugh, of course, but it’s not really funny so much as it is irony of the tragic sort:

But I do notice that the same people who complain that Barbie dolls damage girls by imposing an unrealistic body image on them seem not to complain about the realism of the body image of bodies able to hurl long-fanged vampire-demons through a plate glass window, twenty yards across the street, and into a conveniently untended gasoline tanker truck filled with nitro. Not to mention able to run in high heels.
You see, the conspiracy does not really care about whether women are treated as non-person sex dolls or not—or, if it does care, the conspiracy wants to degrade women as much as possible, particularly the most sacred aspect of womanhood, which is maternity, gets degraded–what the conspiracy wants to do at the moment is uproot the masculine sense of chivalry, because this contains two things Hell cannot tolerate at all: a sense of humility and a sense of sacredness. Chivalrous men think femininity is sacred, even if the individual woman is neither fair nor a damsel. Once you take chivalry out of the picture, all that is left is the pagan worship of power.
And power-worship is what is behind portraying leggy blond nymphs as world-saving monster hunters: the idea is to make the women seem more powerful than previous tales portrayed them. But it is not feminine power, it is masculine: brute strength, force, directness, domination, aggressiveness, competitiveness, all those qualities routinely condemned in men and routinely bred out of modern boys.

More at the link, and very thought-provoking it is. I especially was struck by the “All About You” point. Read away.

I got the link from The Anchoress, who always make me think.

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