Almond and Coconut Flour Pancakes

Updated to add this exciting note: We made these again, only we didn’t bother with a food processsor- we just put all ingredients in the blender- coconut, almonds, eggs, ‘milk,’ baking soda- and it turned out beautifully.  The coconut is not ground quite so tiny, so if texture is an issue, this won’t work, but if texture isn’t a problem, these are beautiful pancakes for grain-free eating without any fancier equipment than your blender!

Do you have a recipe that serves eight or more?  Be sure to share it here at The Common Room’s Weekly Potluck Saturday.

Recipe first, then the credits for the recipe and the back story:

Oil; batter in blender, finished pancake on the plate; pancakes in varying stages of completion on griddle.

3 duck eggs (you can use hens’ eggs, but we used duck eggs because of food allergies)
3 T. oil (I used sunflower oil because I had it)
3 T. almond milk (you can use coconut milk or regular milk, but we had allergy issues)
1 T. pure maple syrup, grade B (you can also use 1 1/2 t. sugar, raw sugar, honey, brown sugar, or grade A syrup)
3 T. slivered almonds (optional, I suppose. But why?)
1/4 t. salt
3 Tablespoons coconut flour (more on this below)
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder


Put all ingredients in the blender, blend until smooth. Let the batter sit a few minutes, until bubbles start to show. Then cook silver dollar sized pancakes on a medium hot, oiled griddle. Cook like regular pancakes- when they start to look a bit dry or bubble around the edges, flip them gently, cook another minute or two on the other side, remove to plate.
You can serve these with butter and jam or syrup, but I ate them plain.
The family I made them for will eat them plain or spread them with peanut butter for a road-trip snack.

Back-story and credits and links for the original recipe:

We had houseguests a few days before we left for a week long camping trip, and we brought the houseguests home with us again after camp. They just left this morning.
We ‘met’ our houseguests first online a couple of years ago. Last year some of my family were able to meet them all in person on another camping trip, but I stayed home because my grandson had just been born.

You’ve ‘met’ them online, too. I shared a couple of her stories about her delightful family here and here. I call her my young friend because her children are so young, but actually, she’s only 14 years younger than I.

We had a delightful visit, but not so long as we would like because she is a military wife in the midst of selling their house by herself while her husband is in Korea. She needed to get back to the real world of painting her house, putting it on the market, moving the kids and herself in with her parents while they wait for the Air Force to do what it ought to do and send the wife and children on to join the husband and father in Korea..

I wanted to send them off this morning with a good breakfast and a snack for the road, but I don’t plan ahead well, and planning ahead is a good idea at any time, but especially so when the children involved have assorted allergies to dairy, corn, wheat, and eggs.

Happily (or at least conveniently), the Equuschick doesn’t tolerate milk well, and she had some almond milk for us. Friends of ours have ducks, and some people who are allergic to hens’ eggs can eat duck eggs, and the little man with the duck allergy is one of those people, so our friends kindly shared two dozen duck eggs with our guests.

I looked at Food Renegade and found this recipe for wheat-free pancakes made with coconut flour online, and it looked really yummy- only I did not have coconut flour. I also found this recipe, which looked really yummy and ridiculously easy- having only bananas, almond butter and an egg for ingredients. Only the only bananas we had were frozen and I didn’t have time to thaw them, and I did not have almond butter. I will definitely be trying this later.

However, I did have plenty of slivered almonds and a large supply of unsweetened organic coconut. I already know how to make what passes for almond butter with my almonds, and according to this site, I could make flour with the coconut. And so the above recipe was born.

I started with coconut flour. I did not want to put it through my grain mill, however, as I wasn’t sure my coconut was dry enough not to gum up the gears. I put unsweetened shredded coconut through my food processor with the S- blades to make flour- the consistency wasn’t smooth as I like flour to be, but since I was putting it all in the blender anyway, it worked. It may even be that putting it in the blender without putting it through the food processor first would work, but that’s not what I did.

I put all the other ingredients in the blender, although I totally forgot the salt. I mixed them and cooked them on the griddle as described, and it was delicious. All three kids taste-tested and pronounced it good.

I will make them another time, only I think I will add some cinnamon, and maybe some cocoa powder.

Have a recipe that feeds eight or more? Be sure to come back and share that recipe Friday night!

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  1. girlichef
    Posted October 19, 2010 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    How wonderful of you to bake up these gorgeous pancakes for your guests…they sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with the hearth and soul hop this week 😀

  2. Christy
    Posted October 20, 2010 at 4:39 am | Permalink

    I am totally impressed you were able to pull this together without being prepared – amazing! And they sound delicious too. thanks for sharing this with us at the hearth and soul hop!

  3. Couscous & Consciousness
    Posted February 20, 2011 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    Great recipe, and fantastic the way you were able to pull these together to solve everybody's allergy problems.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Make it with … Mondays, challenge almonds – I do hope you'll join in again.


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