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Sunday Hymn Post

After the midnight, morning will greet us;After the sadness, joy will appear;After the tempest, sunlight will meet us;After the jeering, praise we shall hear. Refrain After the shadows, there will be sunshine;After the frown, the soul-cheering smile;Cling to the Savior, love Him forever;All will be well in a little while. After the battle, peace will […]

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My First Bread With Soaked Flour

, It turned out pretty well.=) First, though, I tried soaked oats, and that did NOT turn out well. Bleah. Perhaps I soaked them too long, perhaps my sour raw goat’s milk was too sour (but I only used a Tablespoon or two) and we even rinsed the oats before cooking. Not good. I hate […]

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October’s Book of the Month

“Heroes and heroines are judged to have had their day. The un-teaching of history concentrates on ‘themes’ rather than personalities. But personality – human nature – is surely the essence of history…” When I read these words in Robert Lacey’s Great Tales from English History: The Truth About King Arthur, Lady Godiva, Richard the Lionheart, […]

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Brazilian Quiche, and a Linky!

“Too often we have not grasped the radical implications of grace for our attitude to mission and the poor. We think we are enacting grace if we work among the poor, if we serve them, if we provide for them. But we are only half way there. It is not really grace. Because we still […]

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Quotes from My Reading

RE-reading: John Erskine’s essay “The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent.“quote: “…an action can intelligently be called good only if it contributes to a good end; that it is the moral obligation of an intelligent creature to find out as far as possible whether a given action leads to a good or a bad end; and […]

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