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What I do with clothes on coat-hangers when folding laundrey

It’s interesting that we call it ‘folding’ the laundry when much of it involves hanging the laundry on coathangers, isn’t it? When you’re doing the laundry and you put the clothes on coat-hangers, you can just drape them over a chair or across the bed, but then they get wrinkled again, or the hangers fall […]

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Lunch Today: The Recipe Version and Our Version

HG here, after an absence due to pregnancy woes/out of town family/general life insanity. Trying to get into a semblance of life order right now… choosing a couple major tasks each day to finish, working to not leave the apartment unless I really need to (this is mainly because time spent out makes me so, […]

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Soy Beans

I haven’t made this one yet, I just found it in my Great REcipe Collating and Sorting Adventure, and it looks interesting: 1 cup soy beans soaked overnight or longercook in pressure cooker for one half hour. In another kettle, cupt up and cook the following until tender:1 large diced onion and potato, each2-3 stalks […]

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Playing with Baby from 8 to 12 months

Previous posts in this series here and here. One of the things written down in my notes is to imitate the baby, copy his movements. Funnily enough, this Sunday we were at a friend’s house with the Dread Pirate Grasshopper (and his parents, of course), and one of the college students started doing just that- […]

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Crab Legs. Why Is It Always Crab Legs?

I live in an inland state far and away from any salt-water bodies where crabs might be fished. In other words, crab legs are distinctly not a frugal purchase here, ever. I mean, they generally aren’t even near the ocean, but we once were blessed to have a friend who did book-keeping for a family […]

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