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Life’s An Education.

Strider has learned several things since I’ve pregnant. Here are two that particularly caught his attention. 1) My sense of smell really is much stronger. When he considers that the apartment is smelling fine, I’m ransacking the kitchen to find the one tiny bit of something that smells off to me and is making me […]

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G-20 riots in Toronto

Pictures from the rioting in Toronto over the G-20 meeting. Apparently smarting from the public’s outrage over their non-response, the next day the police showed up to harass people who were not rioting. My theory is the same theory I have for why social workers harass good parents and leave the scary psychopath parents pretty […]

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Why is Gun Control an Ideological Issue in the First Place?

Dr. Zero, Awakening from the Collective Dream– must reading

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And on the 70th Day

The President finally agrees to accept a wee bit of help in dealing with the oil spill, and a tropical storm halts the work. A Daily Kos diarist snarks that Governor Jindall will blame Obama for not putting up an umbrella big enough to stop the storm. That would be ridiciulous, of course, but could […]

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and also a failure of sorts.  I am often more than a little conflicted over our dealings with Blynken and Nod because on the one hand I have strong convictions about not undermining parents, and on the other hand I am so often placed in a position where actively supporting parental standards is absolutely untenable. […]

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