Planned Parenthood: Still Lying After All These Years

Why do we fund this group?  Why?

My senior year of high school my very liberal teacher for a class called something lame like ‘Life Skills’ brought in Planned Parenthood to talk to us.  One of the things the Planned Parenthood rep told us was that adoption really wasn’t an option.  I am not kidding.  She stood there and told us that there really weren’t any ‘homes for unwed mothers’ anymore, no places for those ‘unwanted children,’ not enough families wanting to adopt, no really viable options for teen-age pregnancy (or any other inconvenient pregnancy) except abortion.  I told her I knew that wasn’t true, there were churches that provided alternatives, and she said, basically, no, there weren’t and cut off the discussion.

After she left we did our usual (customary for that class) ‘values clarification exercise.’  At the top of a piece of notebook paper we wrote down the moral issue for which we were clarifying and determining our own values.  In this instance, of course, we were ‘clarifying’ our own values on the issue of abortion, but we’d also done stealing, lying, getting drunk, and smoking on other days.  We drew a horizontal line on the piece of paper and on one side wrote ‘Always Wrong,’ and at the other end of the line wrote ‘Never Wrong.’  We then were supposed to mark down on that line where we fell on this issue.
The teacher would wander the room and look at our papers and discuss how we might determine our own values and when it might be okay to lie, steal, or, in this case, have an abortion.  The catch was, “Always Wrong” was, well, always wrong, and she would challenge anybody who said otherwise.

I was, I know you are all surprised to hear, always in the Always Wrong category.  I have to admit this was not really because I was such a noble, upstanding, morally upright person who never made really bad choices, I am sorry to say. It was mainly because I deeply resented this intrusion in areas I felt were none of her business, and I hated the manipulation and dishonesty. It was innate stubbornness, in other words. And I found the abortion discussion particularly outrageous, because I knew the reasons we were being given were lies.  Yes, I said so.

The teacher roamed the room and looked at my paper, and asked me the sorts of leading questions that were supposed to lead me to clarify my own values so they looked more like hers.  She told me the Planned Parenthood rep had already told us that when a teen found herself pregnant the only options were to ruin her life and raise the baby alone, missing college and all other future opportunities, or to abort.  I told her I knew that wasn’t true, there were adoptions and there were still places willing to help unwed mothers, and she told me the Planned Parenthood rep said otherwise. I said yeah, I knew she said that, but I didn’t believe her, and there was no way I was going to change my answers based on being lied to.

I got a D in that class, and that sort of thing was totally the reason why.  That was 30 years ago.

Turns out the dishonesty is probably institutionalized at Planned Parenthood, because they are still lying after all these years:

The lies told by the counselor are flagrant and and reprehensible. A girl goes in wanting to get information and is given nothing but lies. And why? Because the Planned Parenthood counselor isn’t a counselor at all, but a salesperson with goods to sell. And those goods are the murders of unborn children, even if it is at the expense of a frightened, confused young girl looking to find help.
The counselor was told that the teen was between six and eight weeks pregnant. When asked if there is a baby, she is told that there is only “fetal matter… no arms, no legs, no heart, no head, no brains”. This is a blatant lie.
At six weeks, there is already a heartbeat and a head. Muscles and skeletal structure are beginning to form. At seven weeks, the arms and legs are beginning to form, and both hemispheres of the brain have become more developed. At eight weeks, the baby has fingers and toes. Nerve cells in the brain are starting to branch out and connect with each other.
But according to the Planned Parenthood counselor, all of this is non-existent. All that exists is “fetal matter”.
The counselor even goes so far as to try to talk the teen out of adoption, calling all of the aborted children “burdens”. The counselor clearly was making the case that, if not for abortion, we would have millions of unwanted children, presumably with no homes. Of course, as Live Action points out in the video, there are far more couples seeking babies to adopt than children who actually get adopted.

Ed shares the video.  He points out that the PP ‘counselor’ is operating as a sales rep rather than a counselor, and she uses a hard sell on a person she believes is an emotionally fragile teen-ager in crisis- buy now, because you won’t get this great deal tomorrow.  It’s a technique recognizable to most salespeople- the fear of loss.  She tells her the earlier she decides to abort, the cheaper it will be.

She also says that what she says to people who are against abortion is, ‘well are you going to take these aborted babies and raise them yourself?’  Aside from the botched mess she made of that question, Yes, yes, I would.
The truth that is that there are only around 22,000 babies placed each year, but there are over half a million parents who are trying to adopt.  

She believes the girl she’s ‘counseling’ is between 7 and 8 weeks along, yet she tells her ‘the fetus is the developing embryo inside of you, but at this point there’s nothing developed at all, there’s no legs, no arms, no head, no brain, no heart. It’s just the embryo itself.’
And embryo is a child, the offspring of the parents, and at seven weeks, ‘just the embryo itself’ includes all those body parts the counselor claimed were not there … the counselor is either lying or abominably ignorant.

Video at Hot Air.

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