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Charlotte Mason Homeschool Carnival!

Check it out here.

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David Hicks, Part IV of the Prologue

In one of Miss Mason’s six volumes on education, she discusses the books her students read, and then says something about how the list is suggestive, indicating the fashion in which one good book full of ideas makes one think of others, which will only lead to others. In the same way, David Hicks’ work […]

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Extreme Extremities in their Angry Angriness. Plus the Pick-Up Trucks of Hatredness

This is one of the funniest parodies I have ever seen.  Please, please, please watch it.

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CPSIA Amendment Proposed

I got distracted and missed a couple issues I really should have been writing about here.  For those new readers who may not be up to speed on this- last year a new ‘safety’ law went into effect.  It’s called the CPSIA and it was widely touted as an anti-lead, safe toys law that would […]

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Somebody commenting on this post asked for my sources on recycling (which was a fair request.  I’d lost part of my map of links during a computer crash and had been lazy about rebuilding that post).  So here is the path I believe I followed for that post on recycling:  I started my rabbit trail […]

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