Homeschooling Blog Carnival!!

These homeschooled children are, no doubt, discussing quantum physics over lunch.
The baby is modeling the concept with his mashed potatoes.
Or else they’re arguing over whose turn it is to take out the compost bucket and do the dishes.

Carnival of Homeschooling
Welcome to the Homeschooling Blog Carnival!!

I did not include any links that seemed to be obviously and unquestionably spam, somebody just trying to sell something. There’s nothing wrong with sales, but we like advertisements to be plainly labeled. I did include a couple that I think are probably spam, but there was a little room for debate.

Let the reading and thinking begin!

Barbara Frank Online says that America saw increasing socialism in 2009, and asks Why Should Homeschoolers Care?

Read The Devil is In the Details at Corn and Oil for some examples (Title IX specifically) are given about the woes of governmental interference into our communities and our lives. She discusses:

the illogic of pre-school promotion to rid our country of the fat on our children’s bones. More little ones’ institutionalization and garbage food will not help.

And explains what this means for homeschoolers and other citizens.

Pamela Jorrick finds that increased hours with her job is an interesting exercise in balance, in Busy, busy posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Terry Holliday presents A Great Homeschool Project – Making a Video posted at My Creativity Blog.

Susan Mythen blogs about one of our favorite topics- or two of them? Books about books posted at The Homeschool Librarian

Heddi at Hands on Learning has posted a review of the Spelling Power program for homeschoolers.

Richard Collins has written one of the funniest anti-homeschooling screeds I have ever read (Sham homeschools are are fostering a radical rightwing fifth column, OH, MY!), at his blog which, incidentally, calls for the ‘end of hereditary religion.’ He wants this horrible threat eliminated through strict government regulation of homeschooling, apparently because parents sharing their faith and values with their children is a horrible thing and it gives him the heebie jeebies. Because he dislikes it so much when religious people homeschool (icky, ick!), tight regulation of All homeschoolers must be an Obama administration priority. Alasandra at Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog responds to that post with one of her own, titled “Spare Me From Religious Right and the Loony Left.”
My own response is here.

Oooh, I love this post from the Queen of Carrots about a book called Book by Book. Among other gems, the author includes :

Early on in the book he creates a list of “patterning works”–books that the rest of literature is based on, responds to, even reacts to. Not meant to be a comprehensive list of great works, but rather the most basic accumulation of the literature a person would need to understand what all the rest of the books are talking about.

She notes that:

The point of this list is to read the books that will allow you to understand the rest of the books you will ever read.

It’s an excellent list- and every one of them, I believe, is included in the AmblesideOnline curriculum.=)

The Crazy Mom presents Ramblings from the Crazy House – Phoney Bologna posted at Ramblings from the Crazy House – Homeschool Blogger. Made me snort in delighted recognition. I am that mom, and I have one of those kids. Who am I kidding? Most of the Progeny could have embarrassed me the exact same way.=)

Suki Wessling of Avant Parenting writes about the learning lifestyle of mixing and spinning:

This is a “day in the life” of a mixed homeschooling/schooling family’s activities. First we turn a fun toy into a lesson about physics. Then, we get to make a mucky mess while learning about base and acid indicators. The post explores the meaning of the phrase “living the learning lifestyle.”

Megan Wong presents Preschool letter games – creative, fun and affordable preschoolers activities posted at Funny for Kids. She also talks about something called ‘visual literacy,’ which Richard Damerell discovered was a phrase developed not by psychologists or educators, but was rather the highly successful marking campaign brainchild of a Kodak salesman.

Susan Anadale presents The Best Laid Plans? posted at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds.

For the Holidays: Gifts of Devotion from the blog Parent at the Helm
is a lovely post about how the holiday season offers opportunity to take stock of the gifts parents receive when homeschooling their children.

Rachel Lynette presents Apples to Apples: The Best Family Game Ever posted at Minds in Bloom.

Amber presents Book Review: Little Lord Fauntleroy posted at The Mommy Earth.

The 12 Days of Christmas Coloring Book from Beverly’s Homeschooling Blog (
She says: Getting the lyrics right to the 12 Days of Christmas can be a challenge, especially when singing with a big group and usually brings a lot of laughter. Here are printable worksheets and a coloring book to help your children learn the lyrics.

Carol J. Alexander presents Gifts for Grandma Part 1 posted at Everything Home…with Carol.

Updated to add these entries which did not come through in time ( a problem with the blog carnival entry forms, I believe) or were a glitch in some other confused communication:

From Home is Where You Start From, in a post titled Headsprout phonics my other homeschool secret, the blogger shares:

a detailed review of the online phonics program, Headsprout Phonics. I discuss how the program works,
what skills it covers and my experience using it with 3 students. I think when homeschooling several students, my best secret is to delegate what
I can, and electronic/online delegation can be a very smart tool.

Carol J. Alexander presents Gifts for Grandma Part 1 posted at Everything Home…with Carol.

Tom DeRosa presents Use a Deck of Cards to Set Your Child Up For Future Math Success posted at I Want to Teach Forever. If you found this helpful, you may also enjoy two of our posts- Math the Laundry Way and Math the Play Way.

TristanDR presents Why a Movie is Great for Homeschool posted at Our Busy Homeschool.

Denise presents Pre-Algebra Problem Solving: 4th Grade posted at Let’s play math!. She says she seeks to “demonstrate the problem-solving tool of bar diagrams through a series of ten 4th grade problems based on the Singapore Primary Math series, level 4A. For your reading pleasure, I have translated the problems into the universe of a family-favorite story by C. S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” This is a really neat post- the math concept is clear and very helpful for explaining to your students, and the Narnian connection is just awesome. Outstanding, must read post.=)

Carletta Sanders writes about Judgmental Christian Homeschoolers at her blog Successful Homeschooling
After watching a performance of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, she wonders whether or not other homeschoolers, in their efforts to shelter their children, are teaching them to minister to the lost or avoid the lost.

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