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The Dangers of Education

Shasta, after having tripped over The Equuschick’s massive copy of Grey’s Anatomy that was lying on the floor (The Equuschick would explain what it was doing on the floor, but it is a long story that involves visiting relatives with the flu over Christmas and the general deterioration of household standards)stubbed his toe to the […]

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What Was Going On With Flight 253 After the Detroit Terrorist Attempt Failed?

From passenger and Michigan Attorney Kurt Haskell: “Today is the second worst day of my life after 12-25-09. Today is the day that I realized that my own country is lying to me and all of my fellow Americans. Let me explain. Ever since I got off of Flight 253 I have been repeating what […]

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New Year’s, Trivialities, and Stream of Consciousness Nonsense

I had some important, thought provoking, explanatory things to say, comments to make, probing questions to ask, in short, a really, really DEEP post, at least I thought I did. Then I clicked new post, stared at the blank screen a while, went away and played a word game, wrote a post for Associated Content, […]

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Why It Can Be Difficult to Recommend a Book…

[M]ost of what one reads and does has no effect at all; but there are certain things that have a peculiar significance for one, and they open a petal; and the petals open one by one; and at last the flower is there.~ W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage (1915). When I read a book […]

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Personal Finance Quote

Personal Finance is really about learning how to live your life, figuring out what you really cherish and value, then putting your money behind those goals and beliefs. The New Frugality, by Chris Farrell, page 4 I’m received a free review copy through Library Thing, and it looks interesting so far.

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