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CA withholdings tax up 10% as of …now

As if working people in California didn’t have a tough enough time, they are about to see their paychecks get a little lighter, courtesy of their political class in Sacramento. In order to help close a budget shortfall, the state will increase withholding from paychecks by 10%, in essence forcing every working person in California […]

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On the strapless wedding dress

I’ve been stomping on toes all over the place, so I might as well let you all know that I have never, ever liked strapless gowns, and especially not strapless wedding gowns. They are not modest, not even a little bit. Please do not send me photographs of you, your sister, your daughter, your best […]

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Learning to Cut Your Losses

The Equuschick has been considering this concept for quite some time,even before marriage, but The Pirate has made her think of these things again. Every business understand the concept of cutting the losses. Losses are of course not the goal, much time and energy is spent minimizing these losses and if you have too much […]

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Is it unethical to take a business’s ‘unlimited, lifetime guarantee’ at face value?

In a word, no, it isn’t unethical. Over on my weekly Frugal Hacks post, I wrote about how sometimes it pays to buy a product new, especially when buying from a business that backs up its products with a lifetime, unconditional guarantee. This is how we buy the HM’s shoes, because he goes through them […]

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The Science of Eating and Vintage Cookery

(repost) One of the things that I have noticed in looking at old food ads, especially in old cookbooks published to advertise brand-name products for gelatin, corn syrup, corn starch, and so forth, is how much they stress ‘purity.’ IN an ad for corn syrup posted here yesterday, we read the claim that it is […]

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