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Injun Summer Time Again

This is a seasonal tradition Granny Tea grew up with and passed on down. I first posted about it here our first October of blogging, in 2005. Here’s what I wrote: After blogging about fall and sharing some autumn-y poems, our pre-fall or early fall or whatever it was is over, and we are back […]

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Lisa Snyder of Middleville, Mich., says she takes no money for watching the three children for 15-40 minutes each day so that the neighbors can get to work on time. The Department of Human Services, acting on a complaint that Snyder was operating an illegal child care home, demanded she either get a license, stop […]

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Taken at one week.

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From The Pirate’s Mother

Many thanks indeed for the congratulations and well-wishes of all, The Equuschick apologizes for her absence of late but she does hope you will all understand as her excuse is just so very, very cute. The Pirate continues to do remarkably well and The Equuschick continues to recover, they continue to work on breast-feeding (and […]

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Double Standards, Much?

The Case for Government-Run Ketchup [Mark Hemingway] From the Senate Republican Policy Committee: Senator Kerry just went on about the outrageous profits of health insurers who dominate the market and offer little choice to consumers. That’s an interesting point considering that according to the website of Heinz ketchup, the company holds a 60 percent retail […]

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