Looking at the Health Care Bill

Updated again to offer virtual chocolates to those who can spot the California branch of our old friends who brought us the joy-killing, utterly lacking in common sense, small crafter flattening, anti-old books bill, the CPSIA in update #2 below. Yes, I mean USPIRG. (and they lied about their opposition then, too),

Updated to add these two points:

1. From Redstate:

House Resolution 3200, the “Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009,” fulfills President Barack Obama’s promise that “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” – technically.

Under the Democrat-sponsored bill, existing insurance policies are “grandfathered” into the new, overhauled national health care system, meaning that you have the option to keep your health coverage plan and provider even if they don’t conform to the new standards set by the federal government.

However, beginning the year this bill takes effect, individuals who leave their current insurer for any reason – whether it be moving to a different state or changing to a different employer – will be forced to purchase a new government-approved private plan or to enroll in the government-run, taxpayer-funded “public option” for their health coverage, rather than being allowed to choose coverage similar to that which they had before the advent of Obamacare.

2. Some pretty bald-faced, blatant evidence of paid activism- up to fifteen dollars an hour for showing up at Town Hall meetings- you gotta read this.

Obviously, the bill hasn’t been submitted voted on in the House yet (the Senate version, according to Our Health Care Overlord Sibelius, isn’t even written yet, and some of these things may change, and others may be added. But that’s kind of the point- there IS a written version for the HOUSE, and we’re being asked to support it, yet most of the Representatives demanding our silent assent haven’t read it. If you point out a problem with it, they say, “Well we haven’t seen the final version yet, those problems will be addressed.”

But how we can trust to that promise, when they clearly do not want to hear any concerns about the bill addressed?

Jim Geraghty looks at part of the health care bill:

I’m going to take some time to clear up some of the misperceptions about the “end-of-life counseling” provisions in the various Democratic health-care bills.

“End of life counseling” isn’t mandated under the Democrats’ legislation. As the bill is currently written, at age 65, you’re simply invited to participate in a discussion with a doctor about when the government will stop paying for your health care. The federal government has even generously decided to underwrite the costs of this meeting between you and the doctor about when the government will stop paying for your health care.

The decision of when you stop draining valuable and limited government resources and accept your demise is an intensely personal decision, between you, your doctor, and the yet-to-be-appointed members of the medical review board. And of course, it is absolutely unimaginable that this process could somehow lead to an incentive to limiting how much the government will spend on your health care as you become older and older. The federal government’s newfound emphasis on eliminating “unnecessary and wasteful” expenditures in health care will find some other procedures to eliminate, like all those blue pills when the red pills are just as good and cost half as much.

It’s not clear if ice floes are provided as part of Obama-care, of if you have to supply your own.

DJ Drummond looks at it, too, and shares some of the obfuscatory definitions of terms.

Five year survival rate for prostate cancer in the U.S. is 100 percent.
In the UK it’s 77 percent.

He says it’s the single biggest budget item in their budget. The administrators outnumber the doctors and nurses. It’s the third largest employer in the world.

You don’t get that sort of discrepancy without some bureaucrat who stands between you and your doctor deciding it doesn’t matter if you live or die.

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