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Overdraft note from 1967

Moving an old secretary from the Rattery into my dining room, an overdraft notice from 1967 slid out from under one of the compartments: Our books show your account overdrawn $2.35. If this is correct kindly notify us at once; if not correct, notify us immediately. PLEASE READ RULINGS BELOW:U.S. SUPREME COURT RULING: “A usage […]

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Text messaging and social skills

  In September 2008, when Nielsen Mobile announced that teenagers with cellphones each sent and received, on average, 1,742 text messages a month, the number sounded high, but just a few months later Nielsen raised the tally to 2,272.   One of the first questions homeschoolers get is the S word- What about socialization? Turns […]

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The CIA did NOT release the documents Cheney requested?

From Timothy Noah at Slate: I spent two days trying to get an answer out of the Justice Department, expecting at any moment to be told that of course this was a clerical error and of course the Obama administration wouldn’t try to pull a fast one, especially given the near-certainty that it would be […]

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Can we stop calling free dealing with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY compassion, now?

The LATimes lauds the late Senator Kennedy for ‘reminding us how great we can be if choose compassion over complacency.’ That’s kind of an odd either/or choice, since the only alternative to Kennedy’s brand of ‘compassion’ certainly is NOT complacency. But it’s also odd because, as Donald Boudreaux reminds us, as with most Democrats who […]

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Vintage Book: The Second Graders Build a Class Library

Had I done a better job of scanning, this first illustration would make a nice avatar or illustration for a bookblog: I find this stuff fascinating. These second grade children- what is that? Eight? These 7 or 8 year olds are ripping apart boxes, painting furniture, making curtains, and fixing and selling candy. We don’t […]

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