Oh. Right.

So, about that home-school co-op the one where I mysteriously have found myself volunteering to serve on the board- I was teaching two or three classes, had shanghaied my mother and two oldest daughters to teach three other classes (the older girls for second semester, as they thought themselves rather too busy to take it up this September), and was just starting lesson prep when I got a reprieve- the building that was hosting us wants us to wait until next year.

Well, not the building, you understand. While some buildings are endowed with a very obvious personality and quite capable of having wishes and making them know, this building is an impersonal structure which has no wishes.* The caretakers and board in charge of the building expressed the desire that we wait.

“Are you okay with that?” asked the HG’s future Mama-in-law as we rode together on the way to the five acre discount store to look for things for our young couple’s cozy first apartment together. “Does that timing work better for you, or is it hard to put it off so much further in the distance?”

“Oh, much, much better,” I said. For one thing, I was having to start a co-op, and start teaching classes the same month I am expecting a grandbaby and then having a wedding the next month. That was a little insane. That won’t be happening in September of 2010.”

There was a long and very pregnant pause in the vehicle as a certain realization struck us both at exactly the same time, and we blurted out together: “But that’s what I/you would have assumed around this time last year!!”

Chronologically, Jenny should be next (and that’s what all the little old ladies are telling her), but I absolutely cross my heart pinky swear promise you that there are no young men in our lives whom we suspect have designs on our Jenny.

Of course, this time last year, Strider didn’t have designs on our HG, either, or if he did, he wasn’t sharing them or making them obvious. We certainly didn’t suspect (we had suspected a couple years previously, but then nothing came of it, supposedly because somebody thought we’d swat him off faster than toad eats flies).

Still, Jenny has plans. When the HG moves out, she is moving her craft room to the HG’s room, which is considerably larger and possesses two, yes, count them two, closets useful for storing crafts, dresses in progress, and other such domestic and couture related goodnesses. She says it doesn’t matter who asks her anything, she absolutely cannot possibly leave the parental home until she has had time to make good use of the new craft room. She has Plans and she means to use them in that craft room.

So did the HG have plans, you know. She was going to move to Spain.

And we know what the poet/philosopher Burns says about plans.

*Of course we think buildings have personalities. We are people who name our refrigerator.

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