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Wakko’s famous 50 State Capitols song

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Update on the Home Bible Study case

REsolved, apparently. The couple do not have to have a religious assembly permit to continue to hold a home Bible study. Interesting how the county’s story has morphed with television coverage. David and Mary Jones have a weekly home Bible study at their house (as do we). He has a lot next door where visitors […]

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The Cure Was More Toxic Than the Disease

I believe the risk posed by this debt is systemic and could do more damage to the economy than the recent financial crisis. To understand the size of the risk, take a look at the numbers that Standard and Poor’s considers. The deficit in 2019 is expected by the CBO to be $1,200bn (€859bn, £754bn). […]

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Bread Crumbs

The topic of my latest post at Frugal Hacks.

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More About Hymns

Sherry at Semi-colon is continuing her hymnic research. She has several websites useful for those looking up hymns online. It’s nice to have them all in one place. Here’s another nice one- The Center for Church Music Songs and Hymns has the scores, audio files, lyrics, a short devotional, and background info all together. There’s […]

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