Spring Salads

All of these salads are, IMO, suitable for company meals as well as family- add muffins, home-made bread, or biscuits with your meals. Add a few herbs to your biscuits for an extra ‘company’ touch. A few slices of fruit and/or cheese are special touches, but they aren’t necessary.

Chinese chicken cabbage salad- the one with the toasted ramen noodles in it for crunch. Cabbage and ramen noodles are both very, very inexpensive and this is a tasty spring salad.

Have a salad bar and ask people to bring toppings- you provide a basic salad, with a couple inexpensive side salads, like macaroni and/or potato salad, and maybe some home-made salad dressings.

Have a potato bar and do the same- provide a couple toppings, invite others to bring along one or two of their own.

Here are a few of the salad recipes we’ve posted:
Primary pasta salad
Chili Corn Salad
Salad dressing recipes
Two main dish salad recipes here, a rice salad and a chicken barley salad
BLT Chicken and pasta salad
Turkey (or chicken), walnut, and rice salad
Garbanzo bean and artichoke heart salad (this can be frugal if you find the artichokes at a good sale)

You need not be embarrassed to only have tea or home-made lemonade and water to drink. Sometimes we don’t even have the tea.

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