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Being Real

Over at Dominion Family, Cindy has been writing about the nature of online friendships. She linked to Alexandra Stoddard’s interview here– it’s quite good, and I cannot do it justice in a quote or two. I spend a lot of time on the computer- admittedly too much of late. But here are some ways I […]

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Did you know that the word principles comes from the word princepes? The princepes were Roman soldiers but not just any Roman Soldiers. They were experienced soldiers who formed the counter-attack. Which made us think of principles as soldiers in the line of battle helping us to fight the good fight of right conduct and […]

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CPSIA updates for March 31

From AmendCPSIA on Twitter: #CPSIA Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) agreed to speak at Rally. We now have 6 Reps, 2 Senators and 1 Governor. No Dems yet! Isn’t it adorable?! From How and Where We Live, an Open Door to Geography by Nellie B. Allen and published in 1924. There are several colored plates in […]

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CPSIA, Is it time to panic?

From the comments here, at pghpicturebook (book illustrators of Western Pennsylvania), one Karen Jo said, reasonably, that: I’m not becoming an alarmist about this yet, because… and then she stated her reasons. You will find her italicized reasons and my responses below. Unfortunately, you see, the law is not reasonable, and where the law is […]

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