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Half the Foreclosures Come from Four States

And California, which accounts for only 10 percent of the nation’s housing market, had 34 percent of the foreclosures in 2008.

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En passant par la Lorraine

Very cute French song about a girl and her shoes. Warning — this song does get stuck in your head!

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Why California Should Be Allowed To Fail

Good article here. I don’t know why we think rewarding bad behavior, careless choices, and dead end policies is wise.

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A couple more sewing things completed :)

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Below, I have summarized some of the proposed earmarks. Do you consider these expenditures “reasonable,” given the current economic crisis? * 400,000, to combat bullying in Montana (huh?) * 1.8 million,”swine odor and manure management in Iowa” (I suspect this might be a fairly important environmental issue in an agricultural state like Iowa) * 900,000, […]

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