A Few Pictures from Our Thanksgiving Celebration

I did not do a thing this year, other than a small amount of grocery shopping and making a suggestion or two as to what my girls and their friends could make. They even cleaned up the kitchen….

Which, as you see, is a Very Good Thing.

One of the girls’ friends made this incredible cake with triple layers of chocolate ganache inside and home-made whipped cream on the outside. It was every bit as delicious as it looks.

In fact, it was so delicious, I told her I thought it should be illegal.
That plate it’s on is one of my favorite vintage thrift shop finds. Most of my Progeny think it’s hideous, but I think it is all that is cheerful and it makes me smile almost as much as mortifying my Progeny does (the hat I wore to Thanksgiving dinner is probably of the same vintage as this plate)

The things all cooked and organized, we carried them over to Granny Tea’s in large totes and helped set the food out while the HM carved the turkey and the new son-in-law carved the ham:

And the old dog learned some new tricks, as both the men tossed him an occasional bite, something the Equuschick frowns upon. Zeus looks so expectant, does he not?

Then we had the meal and conversations, which we cannot picture here as those pictures all show faces, happy, smiling faces, faces with mouths open to insert a bite of turkey, faces a little greasy at times, or with whipped cream dabs on the chin, faces of an adorable two year old being read to by the HG, of a likewise adorable four year old playing with fifty year old blocks, of a table full of grandsons visiting with Granny Tea, of a longer table of grand-daughters and their friends. I wish we had recorded the laughter. But we have other pictures of the traditional after dinner festivities:

The Donovan Dog napping on the HG’s favorite blanket. Donovan goes by other names- Dono-man, Doofus, Most Pathetic Fur-bag of Neuroses on Four Paws, and Bad Kitchen.

Pip and one of the girls’ friends from college:

I hope your celebrations are filled with love, friends, family, laughter- and plenty of sleep as well.

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  1. Harmony
    Posted December 3, 2008 at 2:27 am | Permalink

    That cake… I must have the recipe. I am sitting here wondering how I ever made do in life without eating something so divine.

    I am also profoundly grateful that I am not the only one whose kitchen looks like a bomb went off after a marathon cooking session. 😉

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