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Sunday Hymn Post

Cyberhymnal source God moves in a mysterious wayHis wonders to perform;He plants His footsteps in the seaAnd rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable minesOf never failing skillHe treasures up His bright designsAnd works His sovereign will. Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;The clouds ye so much dreadAre big with mercy and shall breakIn blessings […]

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Leftovers and Frozen Pizzas

Forced into budget cuts by the tanking economy, a mother tried once a month cooking. Her family refused to eat it because…. “It’s leftovers,” dad and the kids said. “And we hate leftovers. We want food that’s prepared fresh. It’s gross to eat stuff reheated. What’s the point in her cooking this way when we […]

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Paper Lantern Christmas Tree Ornament

15 Christmas Tree Ornaments: LANTERNS Cut drawing papers 4×6 inchesColor one side of these in varying colors with crayons or paintsFold the long edges together crease and cut strips a quarter of an inch wide and to within a half inch of the edges as shown in Fig 7Cut one strip entirely off to use […]

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Just For Fun

This is funnier if you’ve played Nintendo games:

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Can’t Talk

Had our November singing last night, the cousins are in town, and it was high time I quit doing that annoying thing where I put all the winter clothes that need to be hung up on my bed every morning so that I would have to get them sorted and hung up by bedtime, only […]

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