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Sunday Hymn Post

Never heard it before, but it intrigued me when I stumbled across it Saturday while looking up General Pershing and the Mexican-American War. Cyberhymnal tune hereOremus has it here, with some slightly different lyrics, I think. The lyrics are rather curious. It goes by For The Present Crisis and also Once to Every Man and […]

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We Are All Conservatives Now

The MSM grows increasingly worried about whose taking care of Governor Palin’s special needs sons. Apparently, Bill Weir, CNN’s JOhn Roberts, and others in the media are also opposed to working moms, especially moms with special needs children. Who knew?

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Hurricane’s Gonna Hit…

Giggle, giggle- to quote, roughly, former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Via Red State:God’s going to destroy all those people’s homes and risk their lives, maybe even kill a few, just to help the Democratic party out. Yep. The party of compassion. And, on […]

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Historical Notes

The son of a friend has just started college. He’s taking a history class this semester and his mother e-mailed me to ask how much I knew about history textbooks “altering” the past – if her son should take what he read in his text with a grain of salt. Here’s what I came up […]

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Two Perspectives on the Experience Issue….

We are supposed to believe that a first- term Alaskan governor is less qualified for the second spot than a first-term Illinois Senator is for the Presidency—who once again just announced to the nation that he is ready to invade nuclear Islamic Pakistan to get bin Laden, who wanted all troops out of Iraq by […]

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