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10 y.o. Handcuffed…

And carted off in a paddy wagon for bringing a pair of scissors to school. She’s not accused of threatening anybody with them. I don’t see an explanation of why she brought them, and I could see taking them away and issuing a reprimand.But calling the police, carting her off in a patrol car, and […]

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Boycotting McDonald’s

Kim at Life in a Shoe explains why. I’m afraid this a boycott that won’t mean much for us to participate it. My Progeny have been boycotting McDonald’s since I was pregnant with the FYG, now 12, and craved a Quarter Pound with Cheese all day, every day. I believe I had the only young […]

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Oh, Don’t Be Such a Bigot

From the Times story on Obama’s time as a teacher at the University of Chicago Law School comes an interesting 3 page story. It’s interesting because Obama is interesting, and it’s interesting for what it reveals about the reporter more than for what he reveals about Obama: Before he outraised every other presidential primary candidate […]

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Making a List

Because sometimes it’s hard to remember what you know: I know, it’s hands-on education that is the wave of the future. But my hands are going to be very full for the next year, feeding two babies. A lot of things that are simple to do with a baby on one arm can’t be done […]

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Contraband Milk

From Reason Online: In April police hauled off Mark Nolt in handcuffs for being a dairy deviant. Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court cited the Mennonite farmer for contempt after he ignored a 2007 injunction prohibiting him from selling raw milk and cheese. He’s required to get a permit. He objected, saying that the Constitution allows him to […]

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