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The wedding stuff is a joy, a delight, and the wedding planning, it’s consuming our lives and we are become boring people. So we have decided to set aside one day a week as a sort of Sabbath rest from all things wedding related. This way we will remember that there are other things going on in the world, and we will come back to it the next day refreshed and renewed. You want to know how well our new SIL 2b fits in with our family? The oldest two girls and I discussed this yesterday afternoon. Last night Shasta called to talk to us (his Equuschick was spending the night with a friend and unavailable for phone chats until a bit later). While we were talking another friend of his called and wanted to discuss wedding stuff. Shasta told him he couldn’t talk, and then got back on the line with me. He said he was just too tired of details to discuss wedding plans anymore that day, and then he started falling over himself apologizing, explaining that wasn’t what he meant exactly, and backtracking in horrified confusion that he might have put his foot in it with the mama-in-law and I couldn’t reassure him soon enough because I was laughing too hard. When I quite laughing, I told him we’d already decided to have one day a week where any discussion of wedding planning stuff was absolutely verboten- just that day. He was both relieved and enthusiastic.

All four of the oldest Common Room Progeny are away today- three of them had overnight stays, and the fourth went to go pick them up and take the grandparents to a doctor appointment, so it’s very quiet around here.

While EC has been away, the Zeus dog has been my constant companion. I am thinking he’ll have to come over for doggy play dates once he leaves home. I took him for a walk about 11:00 this morning. I was wearing my big floppy hat with the large green and blue flowers on the brim, my lime green baggy t-shirt, tan stretch pants, only mine are baggy, and polka dotted canvas shoes. The only part that really embarrassed me is that I realized, about fifteen minutes down the road, that I’d dribbled coffee down my green shirt as we walked. I took my coffee with me, you see, and set the cup down when I was done to pick up on the return journey home. Apparently, I can’t walk and drink coffee at the same time. I met nobody but the mail-lady, and she was more interested in keeping an eye on Zeus than on my coffee stained self.

Mosquitoes are out in full force, which I would not have noticed if Zeus hadn’t been with me. They never, ever bother me. We will be out some damp evening and the rest of my family will come in swollen, red, and itchy, and I have a hard time not believing it’s psychosomatic since they don’t even come near me. Zeus, however, was followed by a swarm everywhere we went.

Mulberries are also out- I don’t much care for them myself- tasteless, insipid things, I find them. But the youngest two Progeny love to pick them and eat them straight from the tree. In these days of rising grocery and gas prices, I should probably make a more diligent effort to use what’s in our hands and try some of the Mulberry Receipts.

Many years ago, the day we were going to court to finalize two adoptions, we all got dressed up real purty and drove to the courthouse, some 45 minutes away. When we got there, we discovered that Pip and Jenny, then 2 and 3, had left a couple of mulberries on the seat of the car where the HG was sitting. So she had a large and very purple stain on the seat of her favorite go-to-meetin’ dress. I don’t remember how we helped her hide it during the adoption proceedings- probably just stood around her and behind her- large families are so useful. At home later I used this recipe and the entire stain came out.

Blest told me I need to walk fast enough that I can still talk, but not sing. Does it count if I am singing in my head? I haven’t been able to get Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence out of my head all morning.

So I mentioned I’ve been doing this sugar-free, low carb thing, we’re at about two weeks now. I did avoid the bag of chocolate I found in my closet. I gave away the last three chocolate raspberry kisses left from Mother’s Day. I skipped brownies, I passed on doughnuts, and I’m eating my tuna salad without bread. But this weekend my brother and his family were down for a visit and we had tuna salad on croissants and summer veggie pizza (crescent roll crust topped with cream cheese/mayo/dill mixture and sprinkled with fresh cut veggies and cheese, and I did not resist. It was delicious. After dinner I even cut myself a piece of the delicious looking chocolate cake- a piece almost as large as a tootsie roll. Oddly enough, it tasted awful to me, artificial and plasticky. I spat it out in the trash can. Later I asked the HG how she liked it, and she said it was delicious.

The HG says you change your tastebuds over time- they replace themselves or something. I didn’t think it took two weeks, though. According to this article, it’s about every ten days. Vindication for our practice of always requiring the Progeny (and ourselves) to take a tiny taste of everything at every meal, even if they don’t think they like it. Further vindication- just this week, Jenny, who has always loathed squash, took her mandatory tiny bite of some stir-fried squash, and took seconds- she suddenly discovered she likes it (if cooked just until crunchy, not mushy).

I have been enjoying this rich and real tasting desert- it sounds awful, but I love it:
3 tablespoons sour cream (organic, full fat preferred)
2 tablespoons dutch processed cocoa powder (I think it must be dutch processed)- this is 2-3 carbs
1-2 tablespoons sugar free chocolate syrup (the kind you buy for coffee)
1/4 to 1 teaspoon of orange extract (to taste, and read the label, some extracts have extra sweetener, some don’t)

Stir until smooth. Eat with a spoon. It’s like a mousse, smooth, creamy, chocolate, and satisfying.

Yesterday the HG took my dad to the dentist- I had to be north of here with three of the PRogeny, and Grandpa’s dentist trip is south. He was anxious about payment, because he doesn’t have a debit card, check-book, or credit card anymore. He wanted to be taken to the bank and had to be redirected. He had to have a tooth pulled, and then had to go to the pharmacy in another town to get pain killers and antibiotics for two more teeth due to come out. So she was driving him around hither and yon for several hours. At one point, he thanked her profusely, saying, “If you’d not been here, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t….’ he struggled to figure out how he meant to complete that sentence. Then he said, “I wouldn’t have anything today.”
She said, “Sure you would, Grandpa. You’d still have that tooth!”

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