FLDS June 19

Slim pickings…..

Excellent, excellent op-ed at the GoSanangelo website– just a taste:

Let the government violate the law today to “protect children” and you empower it, tomorrow, to violate your rights in pursuit of other objectives. How will you redraw the line once you have crossed it “just this once”?

This isn’t just a case about child endangerment; It’s about the rule of law and the American system of government. Those who commit such crimes against the rule of law – whatever their office – should pay a price in court or at the ballot box. If they don’t, the rest of us someday will.

For those who think that Texas was working to confirm identities of the parents and children, or to validate birth certificates, read this link and note two things:
1. The recent request for birth certificates for YfZ couples comes from ARIZONA, not TExas. and
2. Jeff Duncan, director of the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics says,
“I never heard anything directly from the state of Texas.”


“During custody hearings in April, a Texas judge refused to accept birth certificates offered by FLDS women as proof of their age or their status as a parent. Duncan said Texas officials never contacted his office about the authenticity of the documents.”

As somebody else on another comment board pointed out: ‘So if the Texas authorities never bothered to check with Duncan’s office to see if the documents were legitimate, how could they claim the documents were fake? Texas authorities – (Walther,and CPS) failed to do even this most obvious and basic research.’

“However, FLDS members contacted Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. for help, including verifying information on the documents. Huntsman’s office, in turn, asked Duncan’s office whether it was possible to authenticate birth certificates.
“I told them I could verify facts and the paper it is on, but I never heard back from them,” Duncan said”

None of the authorities who publicly called the FLDS liars, who said that they had faked birth certificates, who said that adult women were minor children, took any steps to verify their birth certificates.

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