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June, 2008 Books

Granted, there are a few more hours left in this day, but I somehow think they’ll be spent doing things not reading related. It was a good month. 1) The Last Battleby C. S. Lewis – a re-read, although it had been years since the last time I read it. The first 2/3 of the […]

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In Which the DHM Needs to Practice That Whereof She Preaches

I heard through a fairly short and reliable grapevine that a young friend of ours (we’re 46- anybody less than 30 is a young friend) is losing sleep over an issue in his life. From where we sit, it’s an issue that we are sure will work itself out acceptably and we’re not worried about […]

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Let m just start by saying that if you don’t know what 4-H is, I can’t explain it. YOu can read more about it here. 4-H project sheets are to be signed later today by our group leaders- doesn’t that sound ominous? Well, it is. We are still filling them out, only I just discovered […]

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The Rattery

Update: For clarification- we do NOT live in this house. The Rattery was first my great-grandmother’s home. She moved to a nursing home around 1960 and my uncle move right in. We were moving here to take care of him (and actually just six months from that move) when he grew impatient of waiting on […]

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Boiling Beef

What is “boiling beef”? What would you do with five pounds of it?

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