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Texas Radio Listeners

105.3 FM in the Dallas area, Live 105.3- a buddy of mine in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area just called and asked me to call in to this radio station and set them straight on the FLDS situation, because he said right now the talk show host and their callers don’t know diddly.I write far, far […]

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FLDS, May 30th

Courtesy Bill, Free the FLDS Children David emails to let me know:Headline at Free the FLDS children blog: “Beginning Monday, the children will be released.” I’m simultaneously cheering this but contemplating the fact that the authorities who are too busy to release them this weekend weren’t too busy to kidnap them on the weekend of […]

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May, 2008 Booklist!

I know, the month’s not quite over yet. I’m currently deep in two biographies though (one of Jefferson and one on Martin Luther) and between working at the library and having quite a bit of company, I really don’t see a way I can finish either of those by tomorrow evening. So this list will […]

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So, Now What?

(From Free the FLDS Children)It’s still going to be a while before the FLDS get their children back. If you think CPS is going to just hand over their children after losing at the State Supreme Court level, you still don’t understand just what we’ve created with this organization. What happened to the FLDS got […]

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Differences between boys & girls

– Give a girl a volleyball and she’ll hold it against her belly and pretend to be expecting a baby. – Give a boy a volleyball and he’ll stick against his belly, pretend he’s had too much to eat, and utter a huge, fake belch.

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