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Bostonian of the Year

According to the Boston Globe, this is their 2007 choice for Bostonian of the year: Over the years, as part of his permanent campaign to browbeat banks into giving fair loans to low- and moderate-income people, Marks and his yellow-T-shirted followers have swarmed shareholders’ meetings with enough force to shut them down. They have picketed […]

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Excerpt from the essay “Landscape and Imagination,” by Scott Russell Sanders, found in the book “Where We Live: Essays About Indiana,” edited by David Hoppe: Without these lessons in seeing, from people and memories and books, the landscape would appear to me as little more than a straggle of postcards. In fact, without benefit of […]

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Actually, I’d prefer to support another injustice.

There’s a big hoopla on campus right now over certain issues in the student elections. I haven’t figured out all the ins-and-outs of the situation (quite frankly, I’m not all that interested) but I do know it’s a slightly bigger deal than is usually the case. One of the candidates had a protest rally over […]

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THE LENT LILY’Tis spring; come out to rambleThe hilly brakes around,For under thorn and brambleAbout the hollow groundThe primroses are found.And there’s the windflower chillyWith all the winds at play,And there’s the Lenten lilyThat has not long to stayAnd dies on Easter day.And since till girls go mayingYou find the primrose still,And find the windflower […]

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Video of the Day

81 year old veteran fends off would be muggers with the ten toes of death- he tells about it here. File this under the 101 thousand reasons I am not a pacifist. There’s just something fundamentally flawed with a worldview that would fault this old man for self-defense.

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