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It’s a Vast Anti Woman Conspiracy

I’m reading Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness — and Liberalism — to the Women of America, by Myrna Blyth (published in 2004). While the book is a teensy bit dated (it’s not that old but it’s about politics and the media, so it was dated three months after it was […]

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Perpetual Adolescence

Remember what you learned about Henry Ford in school? If your schooling was like my schooling, then you learned that Ford was brilliant because he invented the assembly line. If your schooling was slightly better than mine, you learned that he didn’t invent it, but he harnessed it and really mastered its use, and his […]

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February is a Loathesome Month

THE SHORTEST MONTH Will Winter never be over? Will the dark days never go? Must the buttercup and clover Be always hid under the snow? Ah, lend me your little ear, love!Hark! ’tis a beautiful thing;The weariest month of the year, love,Is shortest and nearest to spring. — Adeline Whitney. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*We had several inches of […]

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Dried White Fungus Soup

A while ago, while at the Asian Grocery store, DHM bought some dried white fungus because I thought it would be interesting to try and cook it. I never got around to finding out *how* to cook it, and so today (being bored of being sick) I thought I might try it. In some of […]

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Here’s the Deal

The wedding was lovely. Before the wedding, on our way to Denver, we sat on the runway for 90 minute for de-icing. 90 minutes trapped in a metal tube with full capacity of strangers is rough on those of us who have issues with such things as air travel and being in close capacity with […]

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