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Dana at Principled Discovery, as always, has a thoughtful informative post on the curent crop of candidates and the political process itself. Corn and Oil has a great post (well, distrubing, but immensely useful) about how the political process is being used in an attempt to police homeschoolers in several states. She also linked to […]

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I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine 0’clock every morning.Peter De Vries I am convinced more and more day by day that fine writing is next to fine doing, the top thing in the world.John Keats

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A Useful Word

procrustean adj : marked by arbitrary often ruthless disregard of individual differences or special circumstances.

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The History of the Underground Map

The fairly easy to read schematic of the commuter train systems you see for large cities (the London Underground, the Metro in D.C.) are easy to read because they aren’t accurate. In 1933 London Underground employee Harry Beck, “realised that, because the railway ran mostly underground, the physical locations of the stations were irrelevant to […]

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For Mama Squirrel (and you)

Mama Squirrel will love this for obvious reasons. And the ‘you,’ You know who you are, collector of picture books with pictures that make you smile even though there are no more little people around to share them with you. Feast your eyes: Just a few sample pages. Sorry for the occasionally lopsided scanning! click […]

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