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Why You Should Write Down Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is an advisable plan to write down your good resolutions and specify the faults to be abandoned. It would be rather annoying to find that you had been should say for a month with much self denial avoiding the use of bad language only to discover that smoking was the error you had resolved […]

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A big thank you to Common Room Readers…

… for leaving so many helpful and thoughtful comments on my earlier post. It will take time to make any decision (and it will take life staying the same as it is right now, which rarely happens) but I was impressed with the strong common thread running through such diverse comments. Almost everyone urged doing […]

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Care When Making New Year’s Resolutions

It is well, I admit, to make a few good resolutions such as not to commit murder without some small provocation. But even this is a matter of climate and law. In Texas many a good man has shot his friend in spite of his firm resolve never to kill any but strangers. And even […]

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New Year’s Resolutions Just for Fun

I have given up making any resolutions at all. The last time I looked out of my front door as the Old Year was at its last gasp it was a frost night and the stars were shining gloriously in a steel blue sky. There was a fair amount of traffic still about; the cab […]

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Literary Party Games

AUTHORS CONTESTQuestions to be answered by giving in each case the name of a well known author1 A name that means such fiery things you can t describe their pains and stingsBurns2 What a rough man said to his son when he wished him to eat properlyChaucer3 Pilgrims and flatterers have knelt low to kiss […]

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