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So, today I was on my way to work with the sun coming over the horizon warming my face. I had my warm cup of coffee and watched the yellow lines move down the middle of the road. I began to think, “My bride and I have been together over of a quarter century and […]

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Speaking of the Terrible Trivium

Here’s an interview with the Phantom Tollbooth author, Norton Juster, and here’s an excerpt: When the book first came out in the early ’60s, the revealed wisdom was that you could not give kids anything to read beyond what they knew already. There were vocabulary lists. Lord help you if you put words in a […]

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I learn something new everday!

“If someone discovers why lemmings stampede headlong into the sea and drown, it may provide a clue as to why human beings are so anxious to be “with it.” ” Is Reality Optional?, by Thomas Sowell This intrigued me. “What is a Lemming? And has it been discovered why they drown themselves?,” I said to […]

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More decorating

Remember that yard sale I went to where fabric was on sale for 2.00 a bolt? I got a nice pink and paisley dress out of it, and there’s plenty of the paisely fabric leftover still. The FYB got a nice Hawaiian shirt out of it, and that fabric also made The Cherub a lovely […]

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Sunroom Floor II

Yesterday I showed my lily pad green sunroom floor, which was actually only the second stage on the way to storybook land. Here are the other steps: There was a stone path stencil and some granite paint. The paint was slightly textured, and we added two packages of granite glitter to it. Here’s a test […]

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