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Sunday Hymn Post

Jesus bids us shineWith a pure, clear light,Like a little candleBurning in the night.In this world of darknessWe must shine—You in your small corner,And I in mine. Jesus bids us shine,First of all for Him;Well He sees and knows it,If our light grows dim.He looks down from HeavenTo see us shine—You in your small corner,And […]

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Linky Love

It’s time to share a special thank-you to a blogger who blessed you this week, whether that was through a funny story, a useful recipe, a grand idea for organizing your junk drawer, a meaty idea that stepped on your toes a bit, a philosophical post that got you thinking, or whatever. You decide. Post […]

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Updated Saturday Morning: And it was Good.=)The house, or at least the public parts of it, was done by about four. That was amazing. We even had time for Pip to mow the weeds in the driveway, and Jenny baked a birthday cake for the mother of the family which constitutes our current houseguests. It […]

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It’s not cricket, Bertie!

“I have some extra reading for you all to do over the week-end,” my professor said. It’s extra because we already have a 200 pp book to finish over the week-end. “Don’t worry, it’s not too much, only 350 pages.” We stared at him. It’s a small class filled with nice people, and it speaks […]

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Email Etiquette

Recently somebody emailed me a question. I am not going to go into the details of why, but it wasn’t an unreasonable question, even though answering the question took time, was emotionally difficult, and painful. You’re just going to have to trust me on this because I am not going to explain why something that […]

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