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Meredith has a terrific post on making bento box lunches. We lived in Japan for five years. I loved the bento boxes- both the containers and the packaged lunches we could buy at the grocery store.Kind of reminds me of the lunches I sometimes fix for my husband (except I started doing this for my […]

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Books read in July, 2007

I read a great deal of fluff this month, but as it’s the last month I really get to do that for a long time, I’m not feeling overly guilty about it. I enjoyed it. 🙂 And it wasn’t all fluff, just predominantly fluff. 1) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireby J.K. Rowling – […]

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83rd Homeschooling Carnival

Mom is Teaching does a lovely job of hosting, and it’s another great read. We’ve got using junk mail as a teaching tool, teaching moral courage, a gorgeous art gallery thanks to Kim’s linkage, a really neat looking program from France, College Scholarship tips, and ever so much more.

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The Equuschick is always inordinately amused when things that are supposed to be extinct turn out not be extinct after all. It isn’t their fault, nobody told them that Modern Science had decided they didn’t exist anymore.

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Rabbit Trails- from Architecture to Dogs

In the comments to our post with architecture pictures for our timeline, Love2LearnMom suggested this website as one that may be of interest to us, which I had seen once before and meant to pass on, but sievelike as my brain is these days, forgot. I am so glad she refreshed my memory, because it’s […]

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