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News and Prayers

Britain has raised its security level to critical.The latest in a trilogy of obviously related attacks was at the Blackpool airport in Glasgow. Yesterday school got out in Glasgow and many children adn their families were at the Blackpool airport when a potentially horrific terrorist attack was foiled- the intended explosions and consequent destruction murder […]

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Grilled Hawaiian Burgers

Combine the juice from one can of pineapple rings with equal amounts of teriyaki sauce and marinate hamburger patties in this for just an hour or so. Grill your burgers as usual- but also grill the pineapple slices. Have the burgers and pineapples together on a toasted bun with a slice of swiss cheese, lettuce, […]

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Books and Resources on the 20th Century

This is by NO MEANS intended to be the final word on the 20th century. I just pulled together my notes from when I was working on pulling together some history texts on the 20th century for high school. ¬†Unfortunately for current use, I worked on this project back somewhere around 2000, or maybe even […]

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The Play Area

We don’t exactly have a ‘play room.’ We blocked off a corner of the Common Room (Using bookcases, natch) for a play area. For the most part the youngest two and their friends use it as a storage area and do most of their playing out in the main floor space.Tonight I cleaned up that […]

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She won’t mention names, here. But that was HILARIOUS.

The Common Room family, as you know, is enough fun on their own, with nine of them there’s never a dull moment But with the advent of some good friends moving in while they build their house, they’ve grown from nine to fourteen, (the numbers including a 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year […]

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