Random Thoughts

These thoughts are so random that the iintitial thought that prompted my musings has completely escaped me.

YOu might have noticed that TLB is doing some housecleaning and rearranging or something and we dropped overnight from Mammals to insignificant microbes. That doesn’t bother me, though, no. No, what really, really bothers me is that is said “I’m a insignificant microbe.” It sets the teeth on edge that I cannot go in and change ‘a’ to ‘an.’

It’s not being picky. I can’t not see it and make the automatic connection in my head. And now it’s changed again to maruading marsupial, which was always the Equuschick’s favorite, anyway. Sounds much cuter.

Speaking of teeth and edges, the FRB lost that baby tooth (mentioned in a previous post) and this means he did have to see the dentist for his scheduled appointment to have pulled that same baby tooth. As we learned with the Equuschick, poor dear, sometimes if the baby teeth don’t fall out in time they can’t fall out at all because the permanent teeth grow in funny and wedge them in tightly. Other times, they grow in even more funny- one of hers was growing towards the healthy roots of the permanent tooth adjacent, and so the Equuschick’s five years of toture and braces were a blessing to her siblings.

And speaking further of teeth and edges, the goat does indeed love lilacs and has stripped all the leaves she can reach from my new transplants. I blame the goats for my missing lily of the valley, too. I told you she had that look in her eye, and just as I cannot not see that ‘a’ where it should be ‘an,’ I cannot not be cynical about such things.

Speaking of being a cynical person, at the yard sale recently a mother and daughter (daughter perhaps 12) were looking over at the boxes of books and the one or two boxes of movies (it was a five family yard sale), so I told them that the books were .25 a piece (which was a very good bargain indeed) And with a shocked and disgusted look on her face the girl tuurned to me and said, “We aren’t buying no books.”

I thought to myself “That’s because you obviously can’t read them, my girl,” but I merely smiled pleasantly. A second later she asked if we had any Playstations, and of course, my suspicious were completely confirmed. Not that it took much discernment to figure that one out.

One of the hazards of living next door to grandparents is that one of them is bored and wanders over here to ask irrelevant questions at 8:30 a.m. LIke, can he walk on the path through our woods that he’s been walking on for the last two years and that he, in fact, used to walk over to ask that question. One of the advantages is that small children can run next door to borrow sugar and receive treats.

Donovan is feeling well enough to play a bit now. With that inverted lampshade thing on his head he can play catch with himself quite well. He tosses his toy up in the air and catches it in the cup (not, however, on purpose). Looks like the old cup and ball toy.

We have had many people stay with us over the years for reasons other than a friendly visit.. The family staying with us now are among the top ten ever, probably the top five. They are very nice people. Plus, we have four bathrooms, which we have never had before.

I saw a baltimore oriole yesterday, which made me very happy.

A friend said to me that self-discipline is doing what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re supposed to be doing it, and upon further reflection I realize that this means I am even less self-disciplined than I thought. I had not known this was possible.

Some of the fencing my husband is putting up is made of old rolls of wood snow-fencing found at the old homestead farm. It has the virtue of being free. He grumbles that it is the ugliest fence he has ever put up (and he has put up several). But I think it is beautiful and rustic looking, and just right.

After roundly rebuking somebody for never, not ever, no never putting things away where they belong when somebody is done with them, and telling somebody in the sort of terse, tightlipped, and firm tone that comes from having said the same thing at least one billion and three times that moving something from one place where it does not belong to another place where it still does not belong is not cleaning, it is simply shifting the mess around and a waste of somebody’s time and the time of the people who will have to find that item later when they go looking for it…
Well, you can guess what happened not very much later. I sent another somebody to bring me a brush, and the other somebody couldn’t find it and none of us could figure out why it was not where it belonged, and she brought me a different brush and later I stepped outside onto the deck to look at my tomatoes and peppers growing in buckets and discovered the brush that I had left outside on the deck while brushing my hair in the sun earlier in the day, just left it outside on the rail where nobody would ever think to look for it in a million years.

My biggest problem with Charlotte Mason has always been that the habit training she talks about only works as well as the mother, and this mother doesn’t work so very well.

But I did see a Baltimore Oriole yesterday.

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  1. tootlepip
    Posted May 11, 2007 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the chuckle. It made feel like I was with you for just a moment. Miss you!

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