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It Could Happen Here? It Already Is….

Yesterday I posted about the Swedish government and its successful social program to indoctrinate school children so that ‘freedom’ primarily means sexual liberty and has nothing to do with religious, political, and economic issues of conscience. You will remember that was a PG 13 read. So is this one. Here’s something a little closer to […]

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The Case of the Raccoon

The Equuschick, being only a small shy person with a fondness for animals, is often mistaken at a first meeting for one of those sweet sorts. In point of actual fact, The Equuschick is a trouble-maker who takes a great deal of delight in the macabre and derives an extra special satisfaction from igniting chaos. […]

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News, Views

II favor legal immigration, and lots of it. I’m not a fan of President’s Bush amnesty program. I don’t think illegal immigrants should be rewarded for breaking the law. But I’m also not in favor of carelessness with facts, which, it seems, Lou Dobbs has been.Do immigrants bring more leprosy into the country? Yes. Is […]

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View of Our Front Gate

These two plants are on the left side of our gate as you come in the drive from the road.Picture is taken from the side, and you can see the corn sprouting just beyond our gate. It’s supposed to be ‘knee high by the fourth of July.’ Obviously, we don’t mow much around here, and […]

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Panhandling for Politics

This is a few weeks old, but it’s so rich with irony that I have to share.Gryffilion Darkblade found himself accompanying some college classmate recently on an interesting venture. The SDS (Students For a Democratic Society) was going to be panhandling in Colonial Williamsburg, begging for money as a form of political protest because: Apparently, […]

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