All day yesterday I thought it was Saturday. Now today feels like Friday for some reason.

After our spate of warm spring weather… well, let’s just say that on the HG’s campus there were many lovely trees in bloom, beautiful petals of a delicate pink and white. And one day last week the wind blew them all off the trees and so the HG experienced an odd mix of being ‘snowed’ on by flower petals and actual snowflakes. Unfortunately, it’s not too cold out for ticks.

Cleaning out a drawer I came across another old diary of my great-grandmother’s. This one is for 1960. In April she wrote that her crocuses and scilla were looking beautiful and she really enjoyed them. That would be some of those same crocuses and scilla that JennyAnyDots has been planting hither, thither, and yon. In January she wrote, “Ten years since Dad passed away- a long , long road without him.” I called Granny Tea to tell her what I’d found and mentioned that this great-grandmother was still missing her husband ten years later. She said that was interesting, because she’d never thought of theirs as a great romance- they didn’t fight or anything. They were just reticent, discrete, reserved, and so dignified. I remembered when we found her mother’s journal from her teen years how amazed she and her sister were at their mother’s sense of humour. Sometimes we never really know the people we love best. Maybe this is especially true when they are people we have known since we were babies- we grow up taking them for granted and assume we know them better than we do.

The FYG had to have an x-ray, bloodwork, and a urinalysis early this week. She had a fever, poison ivy spreading, and a swollen knee that was making her cry from the pain (she never does that). The doctor sent us home loaded with pills and ointments. The FYG’s fever spiked to 103.8 in the middle of the night (after the Dr. visit), but after I sat up a few hours sponging her down with cool washclothes and once the antibiotic kicked in it went back to normal. She talked a lot in her sleep about roses. Once when she was younger she got a fever so high she hallucinated- but she enjoyed her hallucination. It made her laugh. She said I had Christmas tree lights all over my hair. My brother, at about the same age, spiked high fevers and hallucinated that our mother was a monster. This meant she couldn’t comfort him because he was afraid of her. I’m quite happy with Christmas tree lights in my hair, though not so thrilled with the high fever (naturally).

The x-ray was good, but we haven’t heard a word about the other tests. Incidentally, there is just something wrong with sending a twenty something young man with five gold earrings in his two ears to explain the intricacies of a ‘clean catch’ to an 11 year old girl-child. They were both so embarrassed. He handled it as well as could be expected, tried very hard to be clinical and not humiliate her. In fact, he was so discreet that she couldn’t even figure out what he was talking about, so when he left I followed her into the bathroom and interpreted his speaking in tongues.

I wasn’t sure whether to spell that discrete or discreet, and the HG tells me discreet is correct. But according to Wiki, discrete can mean, ” something that can be perceived individually and not as connected to, or part of something else,” and since his explanation was certainly not perceived as connected to or having any part of what the FYG actually needed to do, I think it works just as well.

And of course, now, having typed discreet half a dozen times it looks like the weirdedst word I have ever seen in my life.

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  1. Mama Squirrel
    Posted April 8, 2007 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    Praying for the FYG and all of you. Blessings this weekend.

  2. My Boaz's Ruth
    Posted April 8, 2007 at 6:23 am | Permalink

    I had to get a clean catch recently — and even without the awkwardness of it being a man (a young man) explaining I did not understand it until I saw it written out on the instructions at the lab. (I was somewhat dehyrdrated so could not make enough urine in the doctor’s office and needed more time to drink so I could do it)

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