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The Equuschick was GOING to be organized today.

She set the spare ribs out to thaw hours ahead of time. She came back an hour before everyone would be ready to eat, quickly and deftly chopped and sauteed an onion, whipped up some barbecue sauce, putting her ingredients away and wiping up anything that spilled or splattered, and then she rinsed her dishes […]

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Plans for the Week

We’re doing some major rearranging here, or rather, the Progeny are, because around here and especially of late when I say WE that mostly means they because I flatly cannot cope with far too much and it takes far too little to flatten me. But, as I say, major rearranging is being done. This is […]

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Traditional Life

I’ve been a traditional wife and I’ve always defined traditoinal wife as a woman who puts down whatever she is doing to go to the place she is needed. Then you can go back and entertain yourself. Mrs. Whaley and her Charleston Garden

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I’m reading this and this this morning.

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Non Sequiter

Yesterday at the church we were visiting we permitted the Boy to sit with an elderly lady who has known my mother since before I was born. They were sitting behind us. At some point in the middle of services the Boy leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I have a very lose tooth.”I […]

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