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Reading the Labels

Organic apple-raspberry sauce was on sale through our co-op a few weeks ago, so I ordered some. This is something of an event at our house, as I do not remember the last time I bought apple-sauce. I’ve made it, but I do not buy it. The HG made some delicious applesauce muffins. She said […]

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Maris, by GLH review

Maris, by Grace Livingston Hill: You can always tell when I’ve been sick or stressed, because that’s when I read a GLH. GLH books are formulaic but it’s a sweet formula. Boy meets girl, falls in love, then they learn that one is a Christian and one isn’t, and oh, no, what shall we do? […]

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The Children of Men, Review

The Children of Men, by P.D. James ( I read this while hanging around doing a lot of nothing at an airport and in the plane): Most of my internet friends read this book years ago. I put it off because I must confess that James is not one of my favorite mystery writers. She’s […]

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Blog Carnivals

The Festival of Frugality is up, so check it out to get some great ideas on how to save money (the great ideas are only as great as our implementation, however). The Carnival of the Recipes is also up, and this one had a theme (I, um, must have been absent that day, but I’m […]

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You know that you have been placed in a particularly obnoxious family when on your 11th birthday the family is playing the card-game of your choice and at the moment one obnoxious family member plays the card that means you lose that round the rest of your obnoxious family breaks into a spontaneous (and very […]

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