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Birthday Parties

Here is a birthday post after my own heart. I could have written it myself. We’ve done more elaborate– but usually I regret it.

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News and Views

Politics as usual (more on the background behind the usual COLA increase not going through in Congress) Political free speech at risk, again (or is that still). Chinese leader visits the Sudan. When nothing else is taboo, where will the avant gaurde go? Lars Walker has a thought. He hopes he’s wrong. Let’s hope the […]

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Women of the Bible

A while back I read that one religion’s holy book, I think it was the Book of Mormon, mentions only two women by name. According to this website there are around 188 women in the Christian Bible– it’s hard to be exact because this website includes a few who are not named by name (widows, […]

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Share Your Passions

In addition to what you do specifically with and for your children, and as part of what you do with and for them, you should keep up as much as possible with your own reading and thinking- use books on tape (or an iPod if you’re a modern young mother), visit the wonderful Librivox, check […]

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Kale and Currants

This recipe originally comes by way of The Vegetarian Express Lane cookbook, a cookbook I gave away during a book purge associated with a move. This is one cookbook I wish I had kept. 2 tablespoons of dried currants OR any other tiny bits of dried fruit- craisins, raisins cut in halves or chopped even […]

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