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Sunday Hymn Post

We are traveling today, visiting a sister congregation, taking our dear friends back to the airport 90 miles away. Due to one thing and another my family will be in four places in three vehicles, and two of my girls will be driving some distance on unfamiliar roads, roads they must share with big and […]

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Operation Soft and Clean- Mission Accomplished

These pictures are highly classified, of course, which is why they are pasted all over the internet…anyway… This would be GrannyTea’s house last night, after a band of Artistic Hooligans came out of the woods in the dark of the night and vandalized the house. The members of Operation Soft and Clean would like to […]

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Aunt Sophronia Says…

This series begins here. Aunt Sophronia has just discussed the necessity of hospitality and courtesy, and she explains that one reason they are necessities is because without them, there would be little extension of the grace of….. “Friendship, and this brings us to the thought that in our homes we should cherish FRIENDSHIP. This grace […]

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Another Frugal Present

I couldn’t post about this one before Christmas because Pip reads here. But it was one of my favorite presents to give.=) The HG gets an allowance for printing pages at her university. The allowance does not roll over, so she emailed me the last week of her term telling me she had enough in […]

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Our children and our current houseguests have grown up together. Most of them have known each other ALL their lives, and the two oldest do not remember a time when they did not know the other family. We met back in the dark ages when their mother was a teenage wife and mother of a […]

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