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Moral Obligation to be Intelligent, part 2

The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent, by John Erskine Part two (part one is here) The disposition to consider intelligence a peril is an old Anglo-Saxon inheritance. Our ancestors have celebrated this disposition in verse and prose. Splendid as our literature is, it has not voiced all the aspirations of humanity, nor could it be […]

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Canaries in the Minefield

Spunky is talking about unschooling again, and she is on a roll. She quotes a comment from a previous unschooling post, where unschooling Jeanne, says this: I think it is probably wise to look at unschoolers as “canaries in the coal mine.” If they will come for me (regulate me; prohibit me from customizing my […]

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No, this is not yet the Extended Version of the Victiorian Feminism Diatribe.

Actually, The Equuschick has no idea what this post is going to be, because throughout the day she has had two or three thoughts for a blog post, forgotten two or three others, and has in general given upon the whole post-planning thing altogether in favour of a stream-of-conciousness attitude towards life in general. This […]

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Christmas Crafts- and a Request for Assistance

Top: Jenny and the FYB cut mitten and stocking shapes out of felt. Then Jenny showed the Boy how to sew them together on the sewing machine. Then he glues random shapes in random order on them. You can add a loop of thread to these to hang on the tree or clothespin them to […]

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What are our virtues?

THE MORAL OBLIGATION TO BE INTELLIGENTJohn Erskine1915, and 1921 IF a wise man should ask, What arethe modern virtues? and should answer his own question by a summary of the things we admire; if he should discard as irrelevant the ideals which by tradition we profess, but which are not found outside of the tradition […]

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