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Something that makes me happy.

This is what I did today, with great assistance from Pipsqueak & Jenny. The bulletin board has been hanging empty on my bedroom wall for weeks now. I knew that I wanted something like this and so today (after finally getting my bedroom back into decent shape) I dragged all my supplies onto my bed […]

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Looking forward

Edwin Way Teale says he once held a copy of Emerson’s essays that had belonged to Muir, and Muir had written in the margins. Emerson said that ‘nature takes no thought for the morrow,’ and Muir disagreed. He said that buds and seeds were thoughts for the morrow. Teal agrees. He says that ‘fall is […]

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Grandpa’s Scrap book

This one is really hard to see, I know, but I thought it was pretty funny because it is so true. It’s another one of ‘the way things used to be’ sort. In the first panel, yesterday, the family with their child are on their way to a friend’s house for a party. They are […]

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Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag

Do you know that song? “What’s the use of worryingIt doesn’t seem worthwhileSo pack up you troubles in your old kit bagAnd smile, smile, smile.” That works for lighter troubles. For heavier burdens I find it most beneficial to pack them up in prayer and medication meditation (thanks, Cindee) and give them over to God.One […]

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Some of you have been following this story, which began here and came to a sad conclusion at the bottom of the post here. Or so it seemed. I have a postscript of sorts. There was a memorial service. I did get to go and tell the parents that not only I but many others […]

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