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The media reported to the rest of us that a Senate Report found no link between Saddam and Al Quaeda. There seems to have been a bit of cherry picking at work here. As the Lawhawk notes:

“The report was a political document, and the media picked up only those bits that satisfy the political edge, not those inconvenient bits that show the US was right to be concerned about Iraq’s ongoing violations of UN resolutions, the 1991 cease fire agreement, and support of terrorism.”

Fortunately for the rest of us, there’s a searchable version of that report available…

Other documents we can read for ourselves are translated materials captured in Iraq, like this one which indicates an Alger Hiss figure in the A.P.

These seven conservatives think the GOP should lose the November elections and explain why.

Tmatt in GetReligion shares his thoughts on a recent Baylor University study on Americans and religion and concludes:

the major division in religion today is between the “camp of the orthodox,” who believe in the power of eternal, unchanging, absolute, revealed truths, and the “camp of the progressives,” who believe truth is evolving and personal.

Marvin Olasky thinks he knows the dumbest thing on T.V. ever.

Attack on U.S. embassy in Syria rebuffed, but at least one Syrian soldier died defending the American embassy.

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