A rather addicting website for Anglophiles.

This real estate site for houses in Britain.

A few years ago I wrote this to some friends:
I’m having an Enchanted April sort of day and formulated this plan: A group of us (who cares how many, just whomever is interested) starts up a bank account together. We save (and save and save and save) money collectively and then some day purchase a house of sorts in England.
Since we’d be going in on it together it wouldn’t be quite as much. Then it would be ours. If any of us decided to take one of those el cheapo airfares to England that does happen once in a blue moon then we have somewhere to stay that belongs to us. A home base. Furnish it together with charity shop furniture, charity shop books (can’t you see a bookshelf in the hall filled with Austen, travel guides, etc?), charity shop pictures. It will have a kitchen so there’s no need to eat out as much. We could go on trips together and enjoy our own cosy little nest. Wouldn’t it be fun to stay in the same place over & over that your friends have stayed at? “Oh, yes… Margaret & I are going up to the house this June. I know that Marie added a couple new books when she was there last February, and Amanda ought to be coming ought in August so we’ll add a few things for her, and we’ll have to make sure we leave it in tip-top shape.”
And it’s ours for good. We could be tottering grandmas and go to stay there with our canes and such. Reminisce about the old days. Take grandchildren (or grand-nieces and nephews if we choose to view the house as Spinster Castle) on trips without having to worry about the added costs of lodging (apart from taxes. :).

Ideal Candidates for Such a Plan:
* I love the color of this one…
* Part of an old convent, which would be deliciously ironic for any of the Old Maids’ Club that come 🙂
* A converted chapel, with wonderful looking stairs
* In the village of Bishops Lydeard — what a lovely name!

(Yes, I know how unrealistic I’m being. If you feel like you needs must comment with reasons as to why this plan won’t work, please resist the urge. I know these reasons. It’s still fun to dream, though 🙂

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